My past phones and why I bought them

I was just analyzing my mobile phones over the years and the reasons I bought them.

My first mobile phone was Nokia 3530. I had no idea about mobile phones then. It was sometimes in the first half of 2004. I chose a Nokia phone because that was the only solid brand then I guess. And I wanted a phone with colour display! Yes those are the days when phones with black and white display were main stream. So I went with probably the cheapest Nokia phone with colour display. It had no data cable, no USB, bluetooth kind of stuff. But it had GPRS. I came to know of it while reading the manual. I subscribed to Orange’s GPRS plans for 100 Rupees a month. Not many people even knew they could access Internet on their mobile back in 2004. I got it it for 6500 I guess. I had to buy the hands free earphones separately.

Brand and price were the primary decision making factors in choosing my first mobile.

After using the Nokia for about a couple of years I upgraded to Sony Ericsson K750i. It was an impulse purchase. My friend got that phone, showed it to me. I immediately fell in love with the phone’s bright display, speed, themes, 2 MP camera and amazing sound! I said I want one too. So I bought one. I believe it was for around 16000. It was the same phone as Sony Ericsson W800 which was a big launch in those days. W800 had more storage and later version of ROM because it was a walkman series phone.

Features of the phone was the primary reason why I got the Sony Ericsson K750i.

The phone turned out to be quite sturdy as well. Till last month my wife was using that phone. It has gone through a lot including spending half an hour socked in the water in the pocket of my jeans which required replacing the display which had to be changed once more since then.

iMate JAMin

I wanted a Windows Mobile, a touch screen and WiFi. I had been developing programs for Windows Mobile and I had a Toshiba Pocket PC E400. The E400 is a superb device and I wished it also had a phone and WiFi capabilities. iMate, O2 and Dopod were the only brands selling Windows mobile phones in India back in 2007 which were actually rebranded HTC devices and quite expensive. HTC had not started selling phones directly yet. I shelled out about 26000 for the iMate JAMin. When I look back it looks horrible! But my wedding day was near and I convinced myself to treat it as a wedding gift to myself!

Operating system was the deciding factor in me choosing the JAMin. The OS was ok but the hardware was horrible.

Nokia E72

After spending a couple of years with the JAMin, I wanted a business phone. One where I can check emails. I had horrible experience with HTC hardware and my love for Windows was gone too. Touchscreen too wasn’t a priority (that was a mistake). I thought I needed a BlackBerry type phone but what a did need was some kind of Power Banks I remember my phone battery used to go down so fast . QWERTY keypad sure was a necessity because typing things on the onscreen keyboard was terrible, especially with a stylus. I also passed Android which was in the market for about a year. That was another mistake I think. After a lot of research and deliberation I chose Nokia E72. The initial experience was bad. My cousin who had bought it on my recommendation got tired of it in a couple of weeks and wanted to sell it. I should have gone for BlackBerry I think. Getting a small screen was a mistake. A ROM upgrade sorted out many issues but I was never 100% satisfied with the phone. used to go down so fast

Usability, hardware and brand were crucial for going back to Nokia. Nokia had a reputation for making solid phones and I was tired of the clunky HTC/iMate.

Samsung Google Nexus S

I was craving for Android! It was becoming big and I regretted not getting an Android during my last upgrade. I wasn’t particularly looking for a new phone but I decided to develop something for Android and thought of getting an Android phone for testing. Then while checking out the features, one thing led to the next and I ended up buying the Nexus S. I have written in detail about my reasons for choosing Nexus S. So far I am liking a phone despite a few shortcomings. Here’s a review.

Once again the OS and the hardware were the deciding factors.

Why no iPhone?

I have never owned an iPhone yet. I don’t really like to spend money just for the sake of the brand. When you compare an Apple product feature to feature with other similar phones the price difference is glaring. Sure the money is for the Apple experience and not the hardware. But I will pass it for now. To a certain extent I am also pissed off at Apple because they treat India as a dumping ground and their products are officially released here only after the world has its fill. Its like they are throwing away their leftovers to us Indians after a lavish party! If they snub my country, I snub them!

My past phones and why I bought them
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