Future: A world without jobs

by Yash

It is future. Automation and robots have taken over all the routine jobs. There are hardly any jobs for humans to do. Machines dig the earth and extract minerals, they transport them to factories where other machines produce good for human consumption from them. Machines do the farming, process and cook the food. Humans only eat. Only a few humans are required to work. They design new machines, create new algorithms and supervise the machines. These jobs require very specific knowledge and high degree of skills, which are expensive to acquire. These humans command top dollar salaries. Rest of the human race is jobless. So how do they survive?

On government welfare. Most of things in life required for sustenance are free. Housing, food, healthcare, basic education, transportation – all paid for by the government. Where does government get money from? From taxes on corporations. Government is both a customer and service provider for corporations. Corporations are mighty profitable thanks to automation. Cost of production is very low and they don’t mind paying high taxes because those taxes eventually come back to them as sales revenue from the people.

What do people do? They mostly have fun, play augmented reality games and watch virtual reality movies and shows. Some people create works of art – poetry, music, plays, stories, paintings, sculptures. Humans do things that require random thinking because there’s one thing that computers can’t do is generate a truly random number.

Economy keeps chugging along by combined economic activity of machines producing goods and service of routine nature and humans producing good and services of random nature.