Trolling in the morning

by Yash 0 Comments

Got a call from Axis Bank hawking a credit card as soon as I got into office

Caller: Sir we are offering you Axis Bank Titanium Credit Card…

Me: I already have many cards, don’t need one more.

Caller: Sir this card gives you xyz credit limit…

Me: I already have a card with a credit limit which is 10 times higher!

Caller: Sir you can use use this card at Big Bazaar and you can earn points…

Me: At Big Bazaar I use Future Card.

Caller: Sir you can get 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver…

Me: Standard Chartered card gives me 2.5% cash back on top of the waiver, so for every Rs.100 I spend I have to pay them only 97.5

Caller: Sir if you go to a restaurant….

Me: At restaurant I use Accord meal vouchers

Caller: OK sir, thank you. **Click**

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