Real purpose of an entrepreneur

Read this article Find Your Purpose by Roy Spence on

The author is talking about the purpose of an entrepreneur. He says entrepreneurs should think about improving people’s lives and not about making money. To an extent he is right, but rest is BS! The guy is trying to sell his book! Purpose of the business is to make money! Entrepreneurs get in the business to make more money! Not because they want to change the world!

Roy says if you think about improving people’s life, create value for them the money will follow. I agree with that – nobody’s gonna pay you for a product that doesn’t solve a problem. BUT I don’t agree with the ideology behind that! It’s a simple fact that you should make what you can sell and not the other way round. The motivating factor is money! Not some inner desire to improve the world and blah blah! Nobody gives a damn whether you start a business or not!

Entrepreneurs have two motives – fame and money. The notion of making a difference, improving people’s lives etc are driven by these two motivating factors. I want fame, recognition and I want to be rich? How? Okay people have this problem, lets solve the problem and I will make money. Most of the entrepreneurs think that way. Its not like oh People have this problem, lets do something for them. Such people are rare and they start Wikipedias and Craigslists of the world, not Googles or Microsofts or Apples! People with such noble intentions go and do relief work in Africa, not start companies.

When people sell you something they don’t want to improve your life! They want to improve their own lives by improving your life!

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  1. Kartik Mistry
    Everyone's real real purpose is - making money, sucking blood, kicking out someone when tries to disturb blood sucking activity. Nothing else :)
  2. Yash
    Absolutely, after all genes are selfish you know! :P
  3. Jason Webb
    I hope Entrepreneurship is about doing something you like to do that fills a need or satisfies a want that other people have and makes money. Regards/- Jason Webb
  4. IUD Side Effects :
    i admire Craig Newark of craiglists because he became a milionaire in such a short time .

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