Indian cricket has come a long way

by Yash

I just watched an interview of Virat Kohli from World Cup. “We are not looking to entertain; we are looking at winning the game”. That explains a lot. I have watched a few games India has played this world cup. Many of them have been boring. Like a test match. You don’t see too many sixes being hit. But the Indian team is the only team so far that has not lost a game in this world cup.

Indian cricket team has come a long way from where it used to rely on individual performances of a Tendulkar or a Sehwag or a Kumble to win them a game. This is a side that works as a team. It has a definite plan. They have a plan for how to bowl to each opposition player to get them out. They have a plan while batting. Over by over.

Fitness. Virat Kohli runs between wickets at speed of 25 Kmph! I watched another of his video where he mentioned how he maintains a certain diet to be in top condition for the game. Gone are the days of portly cricketers who couldn’t run for their life. This Indian team actually looks like it’s made of professional athletes.

The bench strength of the Indian team is amazing. They lost a top batsman and a top bowler midway through the World Cup due to injuries and it has not made a difference in their performance on the field. This team hunts in a pack. When the batting doesn’t click, bowlers save the day. India has been the best fielding side this World Cup. Who would have thought?!

This Indian cricket team is so unlike other things Indian. There is an intent to win. It has skills and professionalism. They work well together. They plan meticulously and execute it superbly. How did we get here?

I believe the credit has to be given to BCCI and IPL. BCCI is a private business. The players are their products and the games they play is their business. It brings in the moolah. BCCI has invested in players, infrastructure and improved quality of the game. IPL for all its flaws has done wonders to improve the quality of Indian cricket. The increased competition has forced players to give it their best and stay in supreme condition to retain their place in the side.

Right now India are favourites to win the World Cup.