Religions are a waste

Couple of days back I was traveling in the train and I saw a middle aged man around 50. He was weary and visibly poor and he was holding a yellow bag in his right hand and had prayer beads inside it. He was reciting something…constantly. I kind of pitied that man. He probably had no hope in life and his only chance was his false hope of divine intervention. What a waste.

Yesterday I saw a man outside a Hanuman temple, he was bent down and touching and retouching the very last step of the temple….again and again.

It’s sad what religion makes people do.

Those actions are meaningless. And that is the sad part. People perform those actions believing it will serve a purpose but it does not. People spend time and money on those actions which is completely fruitless.

Watching a movie, reading a book, going to toilet, chatting with friends, playing with pets, watching birds/sunset all these actions have at least some reason, some benefit, some point. We do it for entertainment, relaxation, gaining knowledge or just to have some good time. And they do serve that intended purpose.

But religious actions, they do not serve the intended purpose. They don’t even cause the placebo effect. You can not cure decreases with prayers. One can not improve the financial situation with chants. Mannat (Asking something from god and promising to give something in return) can not make you successful in exams or solve your marital woes or give you a baby. Those are fruitless actions.

Its is wrong to believe and engage in futile activities because they become more sinister over a period of time. Like the woman who sacrificed her stepson so she could bear a child of her own. That too was a matter of faith and belief. People actually believe they get 72 virgins for killing people who do not share their belief. It’s all matter of faith. And they are all dangerous and wasteful.

Religions and a belief in super natural are a waste of time, money, intellect and human life!