How to differentiate between faith and blind faith?

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A dialogue ensued between me, my mom and my mother in law yesterday

Mom (on some other topic): We don’t believe in old customs.
Me: Good. You should also stop believing in old gods. believe in new stuff, believe in science.
Mom: You should not speak about other’s “shraddha” (faith). You should respect others’ faith.
Me: Ok there was a woman who had a faith that if she sacrificed her step son, he would be re-born as her own son. Should I respect that kind of faith too?

Mother in law joins the dialogue

Mom in law: That’s “andha-shraddha” (blind faith/superstition).
Me: Well yes that’s andha-shraddha indeed, but it was shraddha for her. How do we decide what is shraddha and what is andha-shraddha? How do we differentiate between faith and superstition?
Mom in law: If someone’s getting harmed then that’s andha-shraddha.
Me: ok what would you call when a person stops because a cat just cut his path?
Mom in law: That is andha-shraddha, superstition.
Me: Well, but nobody was getting harmed. Cat went on its way and the guy stopped.

Mom in law: Well…..

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