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On my recent trip to Rajasthan we visited Chokhi Dhani near Jaipur – an artificial Rajasthani village. There was a tarot card reader as part of the village setup. My wife was curious so she checked out her fortune and also got me to do the same. I went along to know what the fortune teller comes up with.

He had a parrot. The parrot would come out and pick one card. The card had some cryptic things written mostly numbers etc. I didn’t get to read it, just got a sneak peek. The fortune teller said following things about me.

You are in some computer related business.
You are doing the hard work but not getting full benefits of your labour.
You are a risk taker in life.
You will not find the success in your birthplace, you will have to go out.

My wife was mighty impressed. I wasn’t.

Every job today has something to do with computers. My wife also spends her entire day in front of a computer. So is my dad. Not a brilliant guess.
Everyone thinks that he/she is not getting due reward and/or recognition for his/her efforts. The fortune teller guy was just playing on that psyche. Is a kind of ego massage.
He had asked me whether I do job or business. I said bluishness. Every businessman is a risk taker to a certain extent. What’s new in that? He should have been able to figure hat our without asking me about my nature of work.
Go out to find success? That’s just plain Bull Shit! He is advising a course of action to change my future!

But these guys are so professional and they put forth these things in such a manner that you do tend to believe them for a minute. At least it makes you think. They kind of baffle you with the conviction with which they speak. As if they do really know everything about your past, present and future. But when think more about it, the tricks of the predictions and fallacy of their reasoning becomes apparent.

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  1. pratikpd
    whatever u are said is true. I have also studied some such cases and i found that what they speak is either universally applicable for everyone or there is some psychological fact/reasoning behind it. This is the reason why we feel that they are saying truth up to large extent. and that's why those people who are logically weak believe them much. Woman have illogical mind(scientifically proved fact), so,you can see more number of woman than men believe this kind of things.
  2. Yash
    //Woman have illogical mind(scientifically proved fact)// Logic doesn't have anything to do with gender. However I'd like to see some links supporting your scientifically proved fact.

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