Characteristics of Bhondus

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They have various names – Internet Bhondus, Virat Bhondus. Bhondutva is their ideology and I have found following to be their salient features –

  • Narendra Modi for PM!
  • Ardent Bhondu nationalists
  • Adore RSS and it’s leaders – Golvalkar, Hegdevar, Mohan Bhagwat etc.
  • Savarkar – oh sorry Vir Savarkar – is their father of the nation
  • Like to quote Vivekanand
  • Will defend any and every crook – Asaram, Ravishankar, Ramdev etc.
  • Take immense pride in the stories of past Hindu kings – Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan etc.
  • Their hero is Subramanian Swamy – originator of the term Virat Bhondu, who likes to poke his nose in and take credit for anything and everything right from 2G scam expose, Italian Marines’s return to India or NASA’s moon landings!
  • Nathuram Godse is a martyr
  • Absolutely hate Congress and MK Gandhi and Nehru-Gandhi family
  • Want India to be like Israel while dealing with Pakistan
  • Vedas is epitome of knowledge notwithstanding the fact that it won’t even help you make a stone age tool
  • Astrology is science!
  • Cow is their favourite animal and cow urine is their preferred drink, aftershave, fuel, shampoo, toilet cleaner and more. They love cow so much that if you open their skulls all you will find is cow dung!

Clarification: This post is not pro Congress or anti-BJP. I am not a fan of any political party nor do I hate any one in particular. This is just a collection of common traits of right wing bhondu nationalists.

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