Maruti Suzuki A-Star is launched in India

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Maruti Suzuki’s latest offering A-Star is out today in India. I am very excited about this car. The official site of the car at is terribly slow. May be everybody is rushing to the site to know more about this gorgeous looking car! (BTW the site is developed in .Net with heavy dosage of Flash by BCWebwise) What makes A-Star extra special is that it is fully designed in India – first for Suzuki of Japan.

I have made up my mind as to which car I am going to get when I upgrade from my M800 in about a year! :)

I got hold of a video of the A-Star.

The car has been launched in three versions – Lxi, Vxi and Zxi. Ex showroom prices in Delhi are Rs. 3,46,775 for Lxi, Rs. 3,74,000 for Vxi and Rs. 4,11,775 for Zxi. All the variants have stuff like body coloured bumpers, Air Conditioner and Power Steering which usually comes only in the higher versions in other cars of the class. Vxi and Zxi come with additional features like power windows, built in speakers etc and Zxi has air bags too.

Bubble Breaker – 870 points in a single shot!

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I was playing Bubble Breaker on my mobile and hit the jackpot! Got 870 points in a single shot! This is a big deal in this game and highest by far for me. Then I saw videos of a few people getting 1000+ score in a single hit but I am happy with this for now. :)

The aim of this game is to match similar bubbles together in order to burst them from the board. The more bubbles you burst at once, the more points you receive. This game is also known as Bubblet or Jawbreaker. – Equated Monthly Installment Calculator

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I have launched, another calculator site after (An age calculator). As the name suggest this site has a calculator to calculate your equated monthly installment for a mortgage or loan. There are tons of EMI Calculators out there but this one is bit different in the sense that it also tells you the total interest you will be paying on the principal and the effective flat rate of interest over the tenure of the loan. And it also generates the repayment amortization chart.

I am going to add functionality so you can know the rate of interest from the EMI amount, tenure and principal. So if you aren’t sure what is the rate of interest you are paying on one of your loans, or want to confirm the EMI amount the loan agent has given you against the promised rate of interest then you can know it from

Check out

Donate to Wikipedia

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It looks like Wikipedia’s annual fun raising is going on. I have donated whatever little I could contribute. In my opinion Wikipedia is a great service. I pay money to buy newspapers and subscribe to magazines. I use Wikipedia in the similar fashion – to gain information on various topics so the donation is well worth it.

If you want to help Wikipedia click on the button below to donate.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

Sub prime crisis – an explanation in simple words

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I came across this presentation about how the sub prime crisis was created. It shows how borrowers, mortgage agents, banks, investment banks, rating agencies and governments f**** up!

Very interesting. An explanation in very simple terms that everybody can understand.

View in full screen to read the text clearly.